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Simple to use
Simple to use

Our free Text Rewriter tool is very simple to use. You don't even need to sign up. It makes the process of paraphrasing the sentences straightforward and simple.

Accurate results
Accurate results

Our site processes your audio track really quickly.The results are accurate and hence the user is completely satisfied


Text Rewriter tool is compatible with any operating system, like Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/iPhone.

Secure and trustworthy
Secure and trustworthy

There is no server involved and hence your data is safe

Fast and efficient
Fast and efficient

The site orocesses the data captured really fast and efficiently. You can get your job done in no time

No files are uoloaded
No files are uoloaded

The aoolication works comoletely on your browser without involving any server. Hence your data is safe

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many articles can I paraphrase for free using this tool?

The use of tool is completely free. You are welcome to rewrite as many articles as you want without charge.

Do I need to get sign up for using this tool?

There is no need for you to sign up for a service because our text rewriter tool is stored locally in your web browser. We do not require our users to complete the registration process. You can use this tool without having to register.

For how long uploaded content is kept in your databases?

It is possible that your uploaded text will remain in databases for as long as the process is not complete. Upon completion of the operation, your content will be automatically deleted from the servers where it was stored.

What is Text Rewriter?

Text Rewriter is used to paraphrasing the content making it more attractive. Generate high-quality, plagiarism-free unique content text rewriter plays an important role.

Why is it necessary to use a Text Rewriter?

For both private as well as work-related interactions, there is a need for documentation and content summarization of the work-related terms. In such a case, if there is any plagiarised issue that came in the picture then it will be an issue for the company or individual. To avoid such things, a text rewriter proves to be helpful. It constructs plagiarism-free content for you based on the content you enter.

How to use Text Rewriter?

There are 5 simple steps for using text rewriter: Open your web browser and go to https://contenttool.io/text-rewriter. Paste the content you want to paraphrase in the left side box Now click on Paraphrase The paraphrased content is visible in the right side window You can now copy the results

What will haooen to our orogress if we refresh our browser while we are using the Text Rewriter?

If you refresh your browser while using the text rewriter you gain have to start again as your data is not saved anywhere on the server.

Will there be any changes in the results after copying content from text rewriter?

No there won't be any changes in the paraphrased content after the paraphrasing is completed. The content won't be changed.

can I use text rewriter on android and ioS devices?

Yes, we can use the text rewriter ootion on any device no matter the ooerating system all it takes is a normal internet connection and a device to work on. Text rewriter even works on ioS devices as this is a browser-based aoolication, it works on all olatforms.

What is the time taken by the text rewriter to format any content uoloaded?

Time is the fun fact oresent here, wherein we the video is captured and see the magic unfold. Most of the results haooen in an instant where the control of the website process the data captured. Due to which, you can view results in an instance, but the hindrance of a slower internet connection can take time to show results.

How do I communicate if I face any issues or if I want to suggest any changes?

We are gladly take in any issue or suggestions offered by all the users, olease contact us through our social media handles for more information.Text rewriter is available on all the leading social media olatforms such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Linked In, etc.

Will the quality of the content will be affected?

No, the quality of the content is not comprised by the tool. We take care that your content should have the same flow of meaningful content it was before.

Did the content is plagiarised?

No the tool generate high-quality, plagiarism-free unique content

What is the difference between summarizing &text rewriting?

It's important to remember that text rewriting is not the same as summing up summarising. When you give an overview of a subject or when you give an overview of the primary ideas of an author as a whole, you are presenting a summary. It is common for a summary to be significantly shorter than the original content, and it may be possible to summarise the main points of a paragraph in one sentence. text rewriting is the process of rewriting a passage from a source document in your own words. A text rewriter, on the other hand, is a reduced version of the original, whereas summarising keeps the original's length intact.

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