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Importance of title
The title of the page is very helpful in ranking factor. if you have done proper keyword research and used it in title, it will be very helpful for page rank. Without a unique title, you can’t grow or rank your website

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why title is very important?

    The title is the backbone of website or blog pages. If your title is not unique and attractive you can’t rank your website. Good title increase the traffic of your website. That’s why when your website has a different or unique title you can rank your website easily. Because when crawlers crawl your page and if it is unique your content can be rank easily.

  • Why should we use a unique title?

    If you are using the unique title on every single page it helps the search engine to understand that your content is unique and valuable for the audience. But if you are not using the unique title. It decreases your website or page rank.

  • How to make good title?

    It should have a.Attractiveness b.Relavant c.Proper use of keywords d.Availability e.It should be short

  • Should we use duplicate titles?

    No, duplicate titles should not be used on our website. If we use something duplicate on your website when crawlers crawl it will detect it. As a result, o ur website may be banned or have its ranking decreased.

  • How we can improve CTR?

    Full form of CTR is click-through rate. If your title is not relevant, attractive, short then nobody will click on your website. Don’t make it boring or lengthy.

  • How we can rank with the help of this tool?

    If we have done research of keywords and we’re using keywords in the first word of little then the chance of ranking increases in top results.

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