Using transition words: Compare and Contrast

What is a Transition word?

In straightforward terms, a progress word shows the connection between two segments of the content or communicate in the language. By utilizing the symbolism of an extension, we can perceive how these words take us starting with one explanation then onto the next.

Transition words or phrases make your sentence easy to read and understand. It helps readers to achieve better clarity, understanding, and readability. There is a huge list of transition words which includes lots of factors like to show cause and effect, to state the obvious, to present a series of ideas, to summarize or show conclusion, Comparison & contrast, to add information, and many more like that.

However, Transition words enable readers to read the glimpse of one idea to the next. Without transition words, readers get confused which results in a lack of interest and hence will not read your content further.

By utilizing these words we can all the more likely form a sentence and pass on the thing we are attempting to say in a more brief manner. There is more than one kind of change word. This segment will present the most regularly utilized.

Coordinating transitions

Elements in a coordinate relationship are equal in rank, quality, or significance. To show a connection between equivalent components, utilize an organizing change.

To show similarity or reinforce: and, also, too, similarly, equally, identically, equally important, together with, not only,

but also, coupled with, in the light of, not to mention, as well as, furthermore, moreover, in the same fashion/ way, likewise, comparatively, correspondingly, by the same token, uniquely, to say nothing of.

To present a contradicting point: be that as it may, in any case, yet, in actuality, then again, conversely, still, not one or the other, nor, all things considered, other than.

To flag a restatement: that is, all in all, in less difficult terms, to put it in an unexpected way, in reality.

Subordinating Transition words

Showing frequency: frequently, hourly, occasionally, every now and then, again and again.

Showing tenure: briefly, for a long time, minute by minute.

Showing particular time: at that time, in those days, last Sunday, in 1947, next Sunday.

Introducing beginning: in the meantime, meanwhile, at that moment, simultaneously

Showing the end: in the end, at last, eventually

Spatial transition example

Showing closeness: next to, near, alongside.

Showing distance: in the distance, far, away.

Showing direction, up/ down, sideways, along, across.

Agreement transition words

In the first place, not only but also, as a matter of fact, like, as, again, in addition, in the same manner, equally, identically, first second and third, additionally.

Compare and Contrast Transition Words

What are some of the words that we can use to explain when comparing and contrasting two things? Let us look at some examples:

  • In the same way
  • In like manner
  • Likewise
  • Similarly
  • By the same token

Thus, for instance, in the event that you were portraying the similarity between the paces of two distinct subspecies of lions, you could word it like so: ‘subspecies A can arrive at speeds up to 40 mph. Additionally, subspecies B can accomplish a limit of 35 mph. Could ‘furthermore’ advances fit into the area of relative expressions too? The appropriate response is ‘yes. These can frequently be utilized to interface different attributes or highlights to one substance.

Compare & contrast transition words put out alternatives or differences. These transition words are used to compare one thing over another. They make your content flow much better.

Similarly, Likewise, In like manner. In the same way are some of the comparison transition words. For Example:

  • John and Maria are so humble and dedicated. Similarly, their children are.
  • Having this amount of sugar in your tea increases your risk of heart disease and weight gain. Furthermore, eating too much sugar can also cause diabetes and accelerate the skin aging process.

Let’s understand it with another example, In the event that you need to examine the numerous advantages of activity yet don’t need your sentences to be excessively protracted. You could utilize change words like ‘also’ and ‘besides’, to list more advantages in another sentence. Here are a couple of instances of these correlation terms being used:‘Keeping your tires properly inflated can help prevent random blowouts on the road. In addition, it will also mean that you don’t have to spend money as often to replace them. ‘

  • 1.‘Having a morning cup of coffee will give you the energy you need to start off the day.
  • 2.Furthermore, it will make sure that you don’t get grumpy as the day progresses.’
  • 3.‘Learning to play instruments as a family will help you become much closer with each other. On top of that, you’ll have a really great time.’

Contrast Words

What would we manage without changes connoting contrast? There would be no chance to get for us to express our polar, extraordinary, and clashing thoughts, and subsequent discussions couldn’t exist. Thus, contrast words are vital to any paper. How about we investigate some extraordinary ‘classifications’ of these contrast words

Some ‘opposite transition words’: in contrast, conversely.

Some ‘ difference transition words’. Dissimilarly, a clear difference.

Some ‘ conflict resolution transition words’: however, nevertheless, on the other hand.

Contrast transition words connect two things by focusing on their differences. However, On the other hand, On the Contrary, In Contrast, Nevertheless, and Nonetheless are some of the contrast transition words.

  • That Dress is very Pretty. However, it is costly.
  • On the other hand, many people want to work online.
  • I have a lot of work today. However, I already made a plan with her.
  • On the contrary, they have planned the function for tonight.

Comparison of Compare and Contrast transition words

Not everything is black and white in terms of which words fit into which category of transition words. There are, in fact, several situations where compare and contrast words can be utilized relying upon the unique circumstance. Let us investigate these ill-defined situations. Signal words what are they? These are general words that fall under both compare and contrast expressions. For instance: At the same time, On the other hand, While.

What are summary transition words and phrases?

These compare and contrast transition words are mostly used to wrap up sentences. These words include, all things considered, to summarize, to sum up, all in all.

Examples using compare and contrast sentences


  1. Regular cardio exercise does wonder for your health. It also works great wonders to boost mental health.
  2. Listening to your spouse and adjusting your behavior to address his/her concerns can do wonders for your marriage. In the same way, arranging spontaneous fun dates can certainly throw more excitement into things.
  3. Both Leonardo Da Vinci and Jamini Roy were renowned painters of their age. Similarly, Bosch was also an accomplished painter whose artworks are praised even today.
  4. Followers of Christianity believe that there is only one god.
  5. Be careful not to harm yourself while making the roof of your house. Moreover, Be careful not to accidentally drop those heavy tools on a passerby.
  6. The average life expectancy is more as compared to previously. Furthermore, studies have shown that people are happier now.
  7. I don’t think I will quit smoking. Besides, I maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  8. The number of college-educated people is on the rise and more females are taking up careers in the STEM field.
  9. Commerce was hard for me in high school. Likewise, it is hard in college too.
  10. Houseplants require care. Similarly, outdoor plants too must be cared for properly.
  11. Rock climbing takes a lot of practice and skill. In the same way, learning a new language also takes consistent effort and practice.
  12. Yoga and exercising daily maintain your overall health. Likewise, it contributes to the betterment of mental and physical health.
  13. I cannot come today, furthermore, I have no time to do so.
  14. Listening to other’s ideas and thoughts helps you to connect with others and build a good relationship. In the same way, listening to yourself can certainly help you to gain confidence.
  15. She was a lawyer and, moreover, a good dancer.
  16. You already completed this lesson. Furthermore, You must have basic knowledge about it.
  17. That bicycle has several features which everyone likes moreover, it is costly.
  18. I almost wore all the dresses. Now I don’t have any new dresses besides these two.
  19. Jane is handsome, moreover, he is hardworking.
  20. In addition to the new guest house, there is a new clubhouse as well.
  21. I am very fond of riding but Besides those two bikes. I haven’t any.
  22. Do not run fast. Moreover, take safety measures along with your medicines.
  23. Can you work well in addition?
  24. In like manner, give me a few notes for a short report. So that I can make my presentation.
  25. In addition, there are 60 other applicants.
  26. behaves rudely but, It’s her way of responding in a like manner


  1. Janhvi and Harshit have different tastes in music; however, they both like to dance.
  2. Janhvi and Harshit have different tastes in music. On the other hand, they both like to dance.
  3. Unlike dogs, cats are lap animals.
  4. People who play basketball are quite tall. In contrast, gymnasts and jockeys are relatively shorter.
  5. India is an undeniably beautiful country with a rich heritage and vibrant culture. Nevertheless, the country’s reputation has been tarnished over the years due to its rampant corruption problems.
  6. On the one hand, a career in the military earns one a lot of respect from everyone. On the other hand, soldiers tend to experience severe depression fairly commonly.
  7. People of the Christian faith strongly believe in the afterlife while Hindus and Buddhists preach the concept of reincarnation and nirvana.
  8. Both Jill and Joe are vegan and vegetarian respectively. Both do not consume meat. Jill also resists consumption of any animal-made products too.
  9. Everyone expects life to go on smoothly, but let us not forget that life is a matter of ups and downs.
  10. Feminism is on the rise but so is resistance towards it.
  11. He found the test difficult but nevertheless, scored good marks.
  12. John is sick, nevertheless, he kept on working.
  13. She has 20 computer systems. However, only 10 are working well.
  14. In contrast to her mother, she is very beautiful.
  15. We had less budget last month. However, we are still trying to make it more.
  16. While she was depressed, she lost a lot of weight.
  17. Riya is very intelligent, confident & hardworking. On the other hand, her brother is very weak.
  18. It was rainy yesterday, but in contrast, it’s very sunny today.
  19. Joe loves to swim. On the other hand, her sister has water phobia.
  20. While many of them are from the south.
  21. Some of them are going to college, while a few are still at home.
  22. He prefers to attend a wedding rather than attending class.
  23. She was listening to music while cooking.
  24. They are playing and dancing at the same time.
  25. Meet me at the same time on Monday.
  26. I fell asleep while listening to the music.


Using transition words can make your writing stand out and look more professional as they strengthen the connections between the ideas and the concepts that you are describing. Using these transition words is the key to sieve out a competent writer from a mediocre one.

As you can see from the paragraph above that the compare and contrast transition words are used for indication of similarity or differences of the ideas you want to describe. However budding writers must also remember that using compare and contrast or any other transition words requires great finesse and using them wisely makes your writing stand out.

Transitions connect sentences and paragraphs. It includes exceptions, comparisons, examples, time, and sequence. The most common transition words are first, second, suddenly, however, later, and so on, etc.

Transition words create a strong link between your ideas and help readers to engage more in your text. Compare and contrast transition words are helpful to compare different facts. They help in contrasting different experiences in narration. A good transition word connects all sentences or phrases to make them easy to read & understand.