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You can also get the list of the keywords used on the website. This is the ultimate tool. Website word counter is a free online tool that can be used to count and calculate the number of words in a web page. The best thing is that you may count on a limitless quantity of words and characters using this tool!
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If you want to know the most common words use this tool. It is also necessary to know the most common words on the website. You can use this tool to know the number of words. Ideal number of word count and keyword density will not guarantee good search rankings but it will surely help in the long run.
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This tool count the words on your page and you can get the no of your words instantly. If we are writing a blog we want to know the number of words we can easily know the number of words with the help of this tool.
Website word counter
If you want to count the words for a website you can use this tool. This is a special tool and we can also find the common word used on the website. Website word counter is a free online tool that counts the number of words on any page of a website in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the website word counter tool work?

    The website word counter tool examines your website's pages and counts the number of words on each one. We just have to put url and click on "count words" desired result will be visible in no time.

  • How to use website word counter?

    A website word counter is a simple tool that can provide rapid results. It will display the word count as well as important keywords and their quantity. We just have to put url of website and hit "count words" to get result.

  • Why it is important for CTR?

    Full form of CTR is click-through rate. If your title is not relevant, attractive or very short then nobody will click on your website. Don’t make it boring, it should have some catchy lines along with some call to action button.

  • How can we use this tool to rank?

    If we perform keyword research and included keywords in the little, and content our chances of ranking in the top results  is increased. We may find out what keywords we're using with the help of a website word counter and work on them subsequently we can start ranking for those keywords.

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