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Easily count the words
This tool count the words on your page and you can get the no of your words instantly. If we are writing a blog we want to know the number of words we can easily know the number of words with the help of this tool.
Website word counter
If you want to count the words for a website you can use this tool. This is a special tool and we can also find the common word used on the website. Website word counter is a free online tool that counts the number of words on any page of a website in no time.
Improve your Keyword Density
When it comes to ranking sites for a certain term, keyword density is only a minor criteria for today's search engines. To ensure that search engines comprehend your material, employ your focus keyword(s) in all of the critical on-page elements: title tag, Meta description, H1, body, alt tag, and internal links. Off-page characteristics such as backlinks and anchor text, in addition to on-page components, are still important for search engines when indexing and ranking your webpages.
Safe and secure
Using the URL of a web page, our application allows you to vet content right from the page. If this is the case, we want to make it clear that we do not store or view your information. We understand how important your privacy is to you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I write SEO keywords?

    The methods below should be followed to incorporate keywords into your article writing: Use Keywords in Your Meta Description Insert Keywords in Your SEO Title Tag Use Keywords in Your Article Title Use Keywords in the First 200 Words Insert Keywords Naturally Throughout the Article.

  • In SEO, what is a long tail keyword?

    A long tail keyword is a phrase made up of three to five words in length. These keywords help you to target specialist populations because they are more specific than broad terms. Because they are designed to better reflect how individuals make searches, these keywords are also less competitive than generic keywords.

  • What is the significance of keyword relevance?

    A keyword relevance score allows a marketer to prioritise terms that are most important to his or her bottom line. Because no one has a limitless amount of time to devote to search marketing, relevancy is rated throughout WordStream to help you make the most use of your time.

  • Why are keywords important for SEO?

    Keywords are still valuable and vital in SEO in 2022, but they aren't the most significant component. This is due to the fact that SEO is significantly more complicated than simply adding keywords on a website. Also, because SEO is constantly evolving as search engines update their algorithms, marketers must adapt how they use keywords.

  • How can Website word counter help in SEO Ranking?

    Website word counter helps in conducting keyword research on competitors. Enter the URL of a top-performing rival to quickly extract the most popular keywords and keyword phrases. Once you know what keywords you are using, you can compare the same with that of the competitors and up your game!

  • What keyword density is ideal?

    Like the ideal content length, the best keyword density is... Many people have posed this question, but only a few people have answered it. Because it all relies on the issue you're writing about, there is no exact solution to this question. Some themes are well-suited to long-form writing with a large number of related keywords and synonyms. On the other side, there are some topics that benefit from a short piece of material with a lot of repetition of the same keywords. The best advice on this subject is to write for humans rather than computers algorithms and crawlers.

  • What is keyword density?

    The proportion calculated based on the number of times a keyword appears within the content of a webpage divided by the total word count is known as keyword density. The major target keywords and keyword phrases for a certain webpage can still be determined using keyword density / keyword frequency.

  • Are there any software requirements to use this paragraph rewriter tool?

    No! It is not required to download or install any software on your computer or mobile device in order to use the free online paragraph rewriter tool.

  • I refreshed the browser by mistake. What do I do?

    Since our website does not use any servers and does not store your data, the website entered by you will not be saved. You will have to reenter the website name for the website word counter to work.

  • Is it safe to use?

    Website Word counter is 100% safe to use. No permission is required to use the website and its ad free!

  • Will I be charged to use the website?

    Our website is absolutely free and you can use it as many times as you want. There are no free trial uses, after which you will have to pay for using our services. We won't charge you anything.

  • Will I have to create an account to use Website Word counter?

    Our website does not require you to sign up or create an account. The platform is absolutely free and you can rewrite as many paragraphs as you want.

  • Does it support both Android and iOS platforms?

    Yes, our website works on browser, and therefore supports both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Which Windows versions does Website Word counter support?

    Our website is completely web-based and therefore provides cross-platform support. This means that our tool supports all versions of Windows. It not only works on Windows operating system, but can work on any other operating system, that supports a browser.

  • How does the website word counter tool work?

    The website word counter tool examines your website's pages and counts the number of words on each one. We just have to put url and click on "count words" desired result will be visible in no time.

  • How to use website word counter?

    A website word counter is a simple tool that can provide rapid results. It will display the word count as well as important keywords and their quantity. We just have to put url of website and hit "count words" to get result.

  • Why it is important for CTR?

    Full form of CTR is click-through rate. If your title is not relevant, attractive or very short then nobody will click on your website. Don’t make it boring, it should have some catchy lines along with some call to action button.

  • How can we use this tool to rank?

    If we perform keyword research and included keywords in the little, and content our chances of ranking in the top results  is increased. We may find out what keywords we're using with the help of a website word counter and work on them subsequently we can start ranking for those keywords.

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